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Thread: Al35thSC...where are you????

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    RonzSC Guest

    Al35thSC...where are you????

    Hey Al....did you gtet the reader in the mail?
    Can you post whether you will be brining it for the rest of the crew that might be coming with the added expectation of getting some free diagnostics done on their rides.
    BTW, nice hat man!
    You guys remember you're not in the country anymore and leave your claymores and bazookas at home.

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    al35thsc Guest

    all that crap is locked up right now <|

    ok well i havent been home, but manny had said he was sending the scanner in with merc, so if merc shows we got a scanner! Also i think John S. has one, but he hasn't been online so if hereads this BRING UR SCANNER DUDE!!!


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    mannysc Guest

    I left it at mercs today if he dont go have homeyworld stop by pick it up im on his way can meet him at freeway.

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    RonzSC Guest better be there dude.
    You don't have to bring the SC. Copme on down and hang out for a bit and get into the picture of the chapter. Homeyworld is going to publish it in our own website.
    Com'on man, you can do it. It will be fun.

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