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    chickenhawko Guest

    stereo info

    im wanting to hook up an aftermarket amp and subwoofer. do i need to unhook the jbl amplifier? if so how do i do that? also should i get a new head unit or will the old one work ok?
    1990 sc

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    RonzSC Guest

    I decided to post an answer because no one else has taken a crack at this. You may want to post on the "Non-Tech" board. I have been impressed by the wealth of good answers on the radio topics...give them a try.

    My original head unit went out and I am planning to replace it with an Eclipse unit that will plug right-in and not require any change in the original amp. (I am told that the top of the line Eclipse has it's own amp. and you bypass the original amp.).

    Al35thSC seems to have a handle on all the stereo stuff.
    Good Luck...

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