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Thread: New Member with 1991 5 Speed

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    New Member with 1991 5 Speed

    Hey Guys,

    New to the Thunderbird SC and the forum. I've owned a couple SHO's which are bad, but the SC is awesome!

    I'm really impressed. Bought if for $2500.00

    Has 90,000 and needs a paint job. Do you guys believe that if I invest $600.00 into it to get it painted I can sell the car for around $3500.00? Everything else is mint. Black Leather 5 Speed, and the most meticulous and detailed maintainence records I've ever seen. One owner car with many new parts.

    Thinking of painting it black Its now dark blue.

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    i cant see why you wouldnt be able to get 3500 for it with a new paint job. Sounds like a nice find!!

    to bad your gunna sell it, lol

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    Right on. Thanks for the reply!

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