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Thread: Web page anyone?????????????????

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    90SCSUE Guest

    Web page anyone?????????????????

    Well I am the proud new owner of Mark's 90 SC (he is getting a 5 speed he can tell you about that tomorrow). So I figured I better get my own user name. Yes Kurt you are right do be suprised if I try smoking Mark (I said tried . I am just a little competitive! Jim I would love to see the fastest CA SC title by my name but will let you keep it a little while longer (see I can talk trash .

    Anyway, for the real reason I logged on : Is there an interest in a web page for Nor-Cal club if so I have the software to make a presentable web site if so desired. I can do everything but video right now (I have the software but not sure about the specifics). It would be nice to have a site like So-Cal. Our cars are just as pretty .

    Let me know and Mark is working on the t-shirts.


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    mrsGONE14S Guest

    Re: Web page anyone?????????????????


    I think Nathon (2tonsuperchicken) and Evan (EvanSC) are working on the possibility. They mentioned it at the meet on the 12th. Buzz Nathon, and maybe you two can work together somehow on one!

    Got to get you to a meet now that you have your "own" sc!

    Good to see another female "racer" here!


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    90SCSUE Guest

    Re: Web page anyone?????????????????

    Hi Wendy,

    Thats great if they are working on it then I will work on my Sale Horses webpage (hopefully I will get them sold).

    Is there a date yet for the next meet? I am at a horse show the weekend of the 2-5th and then will be gone from the 18 -30 out of town. Otherwise I can come.


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    mrsGONE14S Guest

    Re: Web page anyone?????????????????


    email me:

    And yes, the next meet is in the works. Should be hearing bout the details soon. Trying for the 3rd weekend in May. Might be the Bay Area next.


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    Jim Demmitt Jr Guest

    Sue Quickest & Fastest sounds good

    Sue nice to see another lady on here this is great welcome
    looking forward to meeting you :-) this club is growing and to have awesome people like you makes it so nice

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    2TonSuperChicken Guest

    Re: Sue Quickest & Fastest sounds good

    *someone rang?* lol

    yeah I can work on putting something up... at the very least I can host the site though on my personal site. If you have AOL instant messenger hit me up at Crazy13dotnet.

    Glad to see mark is really giving u the auto SC...... you guys will have to take pics of the matching SC's

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