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Thread: SC's dominating at the street races

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    BlownSC Guest

    SC's dominating at the street races

    Well i've been going to the milpitas street races for a couple years now, and I rarely see another sc. No one ever knows what the sc is and the always underestimate it. There are a lot of rice rocket crews that go and race together, what about representin for the sc's? Time frame would be and Friday-Saturday night from about 11pm-2am. We could meet at the in-n-out in pitas and then go roll to the "tracks" together. I'm not always down in the bay on the weekends, but i'd cruise down if we were going to pitas. Just wonder what you all think.

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    GONE14S Guest

    Re: SC's dominating at the street races

    Your car is in the shop and you want to go racing.............geeeesh!!!!!
    Kurt Sr

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    BirdEatzRice Guest

    Re: SC's dominating at the street races

    Kyle! holla @ me dog, when U get UR baby outta the shop. I'll drop U my cell # on UR AIM or e-mail. Minez is still in gettin' rebuilt and hopefully an upgrade on tha exhaust. I was out @ D&B's last Fri. We left 'bout 1:30am and saw hella ricers comin' out on Montague. Looked like alot of sticker racers if U ask me, but I'm down!!!!!

    BTW - what kinda exhaust setup do U have on UR bird. I need some good suggestions so I don't kick myself in tha ~~~ later.

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    2TonSuperChicken Guest

    Re: SC's dominating at the street races

    I am always out at in-n-out in milpitas on friday and saturday's.... my bird is in fairly bad shape still, but I am out there in my GTI.... it is a black 2002 soon to be lowered, tinted, and some sweet rims. I have a europlate on the front that says "CRAZY13"

    Kyle and BirdEatzRice drop me at line on aim at SilverSC13 or e-mail at .... yes both of those are about my t-bird and my bird is silver

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