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Thread: I'm getting screwed by a friend

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    see her jump

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    Can someone please change her shirt to FORD or SC or something?

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    I'm getting screwed by a friend
    is that your friend with the honda shirt? i wouldnt be upset at all.

    BTW- there is a ford one
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    Or we could just have her jump up and down like that with no shirt at all. Why does she need a shirt????????


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    i guess i fail to see everyone's amusment... i mean, it is just an animation. if if were a picture of a real woman, then i think i'd be diggin it.

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    the post wasnt originally that, he edited it, I read it when he had it up, I wont repeat what he said becuase he removed it for a reason I guess.

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    Sorry about the delete;

    recap-got a prelude that was totaled from friend
    finished all repairs, and he would not hand over the title

    After a long talk with him it came to this..
    Give me my 1200 dollars I have in it-or-I'll return it to the same shape it was when I got it. push it in to the street you can pay towing charge from city..

    He said hand him the keys and he would sale the car and if any money was left I'll get payed? good thing we was on the phone

    More or less I now have the title in within 4 weeks I'll have the prelude on the street..

    I was trying to delete the whole post but can't

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    LOOK TWINS with their sister

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