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Thread: My winter project

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    My winter project

    Came home after work several days each week & spent an hour or so sanding & polishing. Kept me busy all winter! Started with 60 grit, then 200, 320, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, & finally Mother's Mag & Aluminum Polish. Did them all myself except for the intercooler, which I had purchased already polished. Blower top is next, & eventually the alternator & the blower itself. I think it'll look very nice when done, but man that's a LOT of sanding!
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    looks great! maybe i'll do the same now that my sc isn't going anywhere for a long while. love to pics of the top and alt. when you are finished with those as well...

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    Looks nice!

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    wow, thats awesome. Maybe I'll try that next winter.

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    Thanx guys. It was a nice winter project. I bought extras of everything I was polishing so the car was never down. Winters here in Va aren't bad, so I still drive it occasionally. Looking forward to finishing it up & installing it all. Pictures will be forthcoming.

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    sc top

    Is that a custom sc top in the background? Or did you grind off the 3.8 lettering?

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    The 4 things pictured are the intercooler, the upper & lower intercooler tubes, & the "plenum" that goes between the lower I/C tube & the intake manifold. I haven't done the raised top for the supercharger yet. I already have a Magnum Powers top, but I'm leaning towards selling it & buying a pre-polished one.

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