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Thread: sc vs. gt

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    mannysc is that really a pic of your sc motor with the 2 blowers

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    Apr 2002
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    no not yet but its almost done, and dirty bird I can have the owner email you about the race my sc turned 15 flat stock dude. bone azz stock. it turns some good hp now well when it ran its down now , but being built for serius hp.

    I ate a few 4.6s and one 92 lx 5.0 ho,

    not all sc's are dogs and mine is far from stock.
    ported welded heads ,
    ported intake ,
    ported blower,
    ported lower intake,
    or inverted blower,
    raised lower intake roof centered inlet,
    10 % pully,
    70mm tb ,
    70mm mass,
    or 75mm tb ,
    80mm mass,
    ported exh manifolds,
    hi flow cats,
    3 inch exh cat back going to 2.5 duals,
    323 diff 30lbs,
    38 lbs injectors depending on intake setup and pully,
    ported ic tubes also extrude honed,
    raised top

    and a few other small mods.

    like solid mounted rearsubframe,
    255 lph fuel pump
    and more parts going on new motor,

    from carrillo rods to main stud girdle,

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    I don't doubt you at all Manny, but GT's after 1998 are low 14 second cars. A flat fifteen second car would not have a chance. I still like my SC better though.


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