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Thread: Ford GT commercial...

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    Ford GT commercial...

    I just saw the commercial for the 2nd time. I was noticing that there wasn't any supercharger noise. Do you guys think that you would be able to hear the supercharger on a car like this or could the exhaust be loud enough so you couldn't hear the supercharger?


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    I would imagine they have it pretty muffled. However, when you are infront of a supercharged car the whine is very loud, but I think the one on the GT faces backwards anyway. So I don't think you would hear it too well in stock form.

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    The car was designed so the huffer was not as audible as the Cobra, SC or Lightning. Ford wanted you to hear the exhaust-and believe me, you hear that thing coming! Can't wait for delivery in 05-have had one on order since the announcement-the dealership I'm dealing with ended up with three-2 for customers and one for the owner of the dealership-he plans on keeping his in the showroom to attract business.

    If you listen closely, however, when Rod Millen pulls that first powerslide, you'll hear the huffer howl for a couple of seconds-the pitch is just above the sound of the tires.
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