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Thread: SC Fantasy Baseball League

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    SC Fantasy Baseball League

    For those interested, we have 4 teams left open. Registration is 100% FREE, and gived you a prime opportunity to lay the smack down based on your baseball knowledge

    Details are as follows:

    You can reach it via:

    You may need to navigate from itself however, so if the above link doesn't work, try these:

    Look for Fantasy Sports and/or Fantasy Baseball links.

    League Name: Thunderbird Undergrounds
    League No. : 119298

    Please note - you will need a password to actually join - it's the only way to keep the general Yahoo rifraff out. If you want to join and would like the password, email me at with the word "baseball" somewhere in the subject line. In the body, please include your first name and screen name. An email with the password will then be sent back to you.

    If demand greatly exceeds supply, I will try to expand the League. All additional people will be placed on a waiting list should any of the original 12 back out. Otherwise, its 12 teams, with a 4/30 Draft Date. Good luck!
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