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    Thumbs up Picture of the Month

    Wow that picture on the main page is breath taking. That is something else! Whos sc's are in the picture and where was it takin.

    5 thumbs up from me!!

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    same thing I said dude....just beautiful.

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    That was a picture from SCCoSE 2003 "SC Rock City III" meet here in Chattanooga TN. Picture was taken on TVA's Racoon Mountain pump site. Its a lake on top of the mountain that TVA pumps full of water at night then drains to generate power during peak times.

    Cars starting from closest out.

    Dan Lineback - '91 auto SC
    Robert Dennenberg - '89 5spd SC
    Mike Donley - '91 SC/LX clone
    Mike Puckett - '90 auto 35th SC
    Tim Newcom - '94 5spd SC
    Darrin Henderson - '91 SC

    I might have Robert and Mike Donley swapped, but that's who is in the pic.


    Here's 2 pics from "SC Rock City II" meet in 2002

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    that is one gorgous sc, i love crimson red!! maybe im just biased

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    Maybe I haven't been paying attention to SC of the month, but I've gotta say I'm glad to see a mildly modded car on there. Especially one that looks so familiar, except for the auto and cornering lights.
    Nice, clean car. Perfect example of a Supercoupe in it's finest incarnation. (I'm a little biased)

    I love a car with invisible mod's.

    One question remains: leather or tweed/vinyl?

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    i love sleepers too, looks like mine but mine is a 5speed and not lowered.

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    Same here. Hope to get it down some this year. Got the 245's since this picture, needs to get down a little.
    '91's rock.
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    wow these are some ugly SC's !!!!

    jafo, i notice u dont have keyless or side markers either. what options do you have? i have a sunroof 5speed cloth interior
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