Hello, all,

I have a 1990 SC with the JBL (Premium?) Sound System (head unit & cassette up top, CD player down below). Two years ago, after experiencing the usual problems that occur with these units, I had the head unit and CD deck refurbished (toggle volume control and most or all capacitors replaced in both units). That seemed to fix everthing at the time. However, I never bothered to check the maximum volume output after I had the units serviced and during the last few months I have noticed that the maximum volume level is significantly lower (like, only 60% of what it used to be capable of).

Other than the low volume condition, the system still sounds OK (for a factory system, anyway...), but I won't be fixing it again. The next move will be to an aftermarket all-in one unit, with the cupholder addition down below.

I do know that my sub in the trunk is blown, and I will be replacing that in a few days. Can the blown sub affect the volume level over the entire sound spectrum?

And, while were at it, does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced (less than $200.00) replacement head unit?

As always, thanks in advance.