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Thread: new exhaust stock sound?

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    new exhaust stock sound?

    I'm looking into getting a new exhaust and I don't want it loud. I would like it to sound completely stock. Does anyone know the best way to go about doing this or what the best resanators for high flow and low sound?


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    Do a search... For a good quiet exhaust you could port your manifolds, get some new downtubes,high flow cats and a Magnaflow resonator. Then 3 inch pipe out of the resonator past the gas tank to the rear where it Y's off to a pair of mufflers. I am using Dynamax SuperTurbos and they sound good to me. Not loud at all. Flowmaster makes a cat back kit and mufflers that some have used. Borla's are a popular choice too. Check SuperCoupe Performance to get some ideas.

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    I too got the Magnaflow Resonator, high flow cats, and Flowmaster mufflers from SCP. Bill did an excellent job on all the bends as it fit perfectly. The only complaint I have about that system is he didn't put it in my car for me..It is a very deep and throaty sound without that crappy 6 banger w/ glass packs or ricer sound. It may be a tad louder, but it does not have that vacuum cleaner sound. It feels like I lost a little on the bottom end (power wise) from it as it can breath now, but regardless, I love it!

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    I bought the Flowmaster Force II kit, Flowmaster resonator, and Down Tubes with High Flow Cats from SCP a few weeks ago, haven't received my down tubes yet. Just waiting for those so I can install my exhaust with Shane.

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