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Thread: Cage rattling

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    GONE14S Guest

    Cage rattling

    I thought that might get your attension,
    I've got two car shows,a meet and working on another!!!
    The car shows well be at Haggin park Sac. area.
    The meet will be at Petaluma Off 101(Petaluna Classic).
    I'm bored of winter blues think it time to do something about it..soooo any of you guys GAME...or just couch vegs????? I have lots of contacts with people runing
    car shows. I'm a member of a couple of them.
    Being that N/CALI Charter is a stick in the mudddd...
    I think its time for a person and new blood to find out
    who's got the go-nadds to go out and enjoy themselfs
    this summer. Myself;I'd like to meet the people behind
    the pc's,and see the cars(SC s of course).
    Well do I set this up for every one or.... just the groupe
    I'm running with. If no then I have'nt wasted my time..
    I can set a date anytime for Petaluma.
    Haggin park : dates are set just waiting for the dates from afriend.
    Now you have got some one here to set this up....
    Balls in the air ..can anyone catch?????
    Hoping to meet all of you and talk shop.
    Kurt Sr

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    jim Demmitt Guest

    lets do it Kurt

    Kurt car show sounds great tell me when I will bring the fastest SC in calif. we never had a show or any cruze with our SCs last year this would be great to do keep me up to date on this thanks

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    2TonSuperChicken Guest

    Re: Cage rattling

    i'm up for some meets and stuff. I tried to get stuff started in the Bay Area then my SC went down and I kinda lost interest in it until my car was running again.

    Nathan Martin

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