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Thread: Exhaust Sound?

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    Exhaust Sound?

    Wondering if anyone has a sound clip of an SC?
    Do they sound like the 3.8L V6 in the Mustangs?

    I searched and didn't find anything.

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    I've never heard of any sound bites of exhaust on here either, but as for as how it sounds, it sounds like a V6 pretty much and the exact sound depends on what kind of set up is being run. Headers, cats, resonator, mufflers all play a part in the tone, sound and how loud it is.

    There are a lot of variations being run by people on this forum depending on their personal taste. I have the stock exhaust manifolds, high flow cats, no resonator and flowmaster 40 series mufflers. I like the way mine sounds, though sometimes the drone is a little much and at WOT it sounds a little ricey. I heard I can put a glass pack where the resonator used to be and solve a good bit of that.

    Some are running no cats, some are running cats and no muffs so there are a lot of ways to aproach the exhaust. However, the exhaust on these cars are very restrictive, so if you plan on modding one, open up the exhaust first or you might be looking at a head gasket job.

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    I think the only clip of the exhaust I have is with open headers when the car was being dismantled..

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    I have the Flowmaster Force II cat back system and no resonator...Don't have a clip but everyone who hears it likes it......My .02

    Rick in FL

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

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