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Thread: finally happened....HG's blown..[rant]

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    Angry finally happened....HG's blown..[rant]

    Just picked up the car today from the local "performance garage"......they installed 373's for me.....idle was erractic at start-up but I figured that maybe the battery had been disconnected while the car was being worked on and the eec/chip was trying to relearn so i just headed back toward work....
    within 2 miles hg's popped.....white smoke,oil out the oil/check tube,temp guage rising,bubbles in the overflow......wonder if the guys who did the gears decided to "test" them out before I picked the car up?Of course when I called them they were surprised that the hg's were blown,but they noted on the repair sheet that the exhaust smelled like coolant when they did the work[cya?].
    Guess I'll learn how to r/r the hg's......I've been wanting to put on my ported heads so here's the opportunity.....wish me luck.

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    man that really sucks, sorry to hear that. best of luck to ya, and may your sc run better than ever!!

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    Damn Z....My condolences...Once again, if you need any help wrenching give me a call I'll still be here in VB for the next month. Hope you get it worked out soon.

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