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Thread: Custom 8 and 8 rib crank pulley and 3 piece billet set....

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    Custom 8 and 8 rib crank pulley and 3 piece billet set....

    A few people have asked me for a stock size crank pulley from billet aluminum which has an 8th rib cut into it to integrate with the ESM 8/10 rib jack pulley without adding any additional weight. Well, here they are. This pulley will work with your 7 rib jackshaft pulley as well. I need a combined total of 6 orders to make this group purchase happen, the details are as follows:

    6-9 orders
    Aluminum Crank 8/8 rib pulley alone: $160 ($175 retail)+$9.75shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. Orders outside the lower 48 need to contact me with their address for shipping quote.
    Aluminum Crank 8/8 rib pulley with aluminum water pump and alternator pulley: $255.00 ($275retail)+$14.70 shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. Orders outside the lower 48 need to contact me with their address for shipping quote.

    10+ orders receive free shipping in the lower 48 states and those outside the lower 48 will receive a credit of $9.75 or $14.70 respectively towards their shipping totals.

    The crank and alternator pulleys are ready to ship and have already been anodized, the water pump pulleys will be going out for anodizing late next week and will be ready in time to ship at the close of this buy. The water pump pulleys have a design cut into them to match the BTM supercharger pulleys. This buy is on from the present until May 9th. I will have crank pulley weight (1604 grams on crank, 86 grams on alternator) and some pics up tonight. The 3 piece kit comes in at just a over 5lbs.
    I accept paypal, certified check or USPS money order (contact me for mailing information).

    1. Dale Puumala paid set
    2. Mike Albee paid set
    3. Valentino paid set
    4. T-bird4vr crank
    5. MercThunder paid crank
    6. SteveSilverSC paid set

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    What is the damage for the 8/10 rib JS pulley? I would be more interested in a deal with it and the crank pulley.

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    Julian, the ESM jack retails for $200. If you want to see about getting a group buy together on it, I will need at least 5 pieces minimum committed. I believe Thomas Aden may be interested so drop him a line. If you can drum up some interest, I should be able to get a substantial discount going. We can discuss pricing once you have a better feel of interest. I can also offer a package discount on rebuilt jackshaft assemblies as well if it will help. Sorry, I dont really get any room to play with ESM prices unless there is volume ordered of some sort. I was planning to run the jack pulley and rebuilt bracket assembly as a package group buy after the current one, but will run them side by side if we need to.


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    jack pulley

    Julian, I am posting up a group purchase with price and timeline details for you. I have contact Thomas via email (have not heard back from him yet) as well as two other interested parties. If each commits, we will only need one more to make this happen.


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    Hey Paul, just shot you a PM and forgot to mention I wanted the (3) piece set.



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    I am closing this buy up later today. If anyone else wants in, speak up now!


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    Just to let everyone know, if you were waiting for pulleys, they have been shipped or are shipping this week. I am on vacation and will be until the end of the week so I will not have tracking #s available.


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