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Thread: Need little help, Please!

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    Question Need little help, Please!

    Hi! Yesterday i was driving my 89SC / 5 speed for about 2 minutes from my home , suddently the car shut down , I start cranking again but wont start , was cranking well, I press the fuel valve in the fuel rail and appears to have fuel, For Luck I have my test light and test the fuel relay and appears to be good voltage there. I continue cranking for 3 or 4 minutes and the car start again; i arrive to my house and turn the car off for about 3 or 4 hours, I decide to try to turn on again the car and the same thing happen, I try to start the car for about 30 minutes and suddently start. can anyone tell me an advice how to proceed to check this problem, any help going to be apreciate.

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    Camshaft and or crankshaft sensors

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    I'm thinking the same thing about the cam or crank sensors. If it does it agian, look at the up-shift light to see if it is on while you are starting it. If it is on, then the crank sensor is bad.

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