I have been in contact with a local fiberglass place. They are willing to create a custom hood for the 96/97 Thunderbird/Cougar. I'm going to get them a hood to create a mold from and I will work with them on the design from start to finish.

The shop makes full race car bodies and has many, many molds which they use for fiberglass work. They are very good with walk-ins and seem ready and willing to work with the car club in making this happen.

Price for a bolt-on hood runs in the middle 400's. I will not be asking them for a pin-on only hood. I think we'd be much better off starting with a full bolt on hood.

The company is VFN. They are located in Addison, Illinois. They are an NMRA sponsor. The estimate on production is 4-10 weeks start to finish. A deposit is required up front. Payment in full to be sent/paid when the hoods are complete. I will take pics along the way and get as much info as needed for the club.

DO NOT call and flood them with questions!

We NEED 10 people to get a price break. Payment will be held by the club, or by VFN.

PLEASE e-mail me at tydlwavs@aol.com with questions. NO PM's and DO NOT reply here with questions.

If you are interested in a smooth 3" cowl hood that runs from the stock hood lines on the 96/97 hood, please reply that you are on board. Include in your reply your name and e-mail address.

The hood will look similar to this with smoother transitional lines across the cowl.