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Thread: Guys from Edmonton.. Where are you all located?

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    BlackAnSC Guest

    Guys from Edmonton.. Where are you all located?

    Im around Stoney Plain and 140th... Went for a drive today, still dont really know where anythng other then the mall and downtown are.

    Would be good to hook up sometime soon! Before work starts, and hopefully that turns out good or im back to looking!

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    Kick Ass Kolenc Guest

    Re: Guys from Edmonton.. Where are you all located?

    near the space n science centre, or more specifically

    133st 115th ave

    n matt lives ummm up north...up 97th st towards 167th ave

    and thats botu all i know

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    EdmontonSuperCoupe Guest

    Re: Guys from Edmonton.. Where are you all located?

    Ya..... I'm in the way way way North end of the city..... And i think Brad lives near the south side..... Not to sure though..... And then there is another person that lives in Edmonton but I'm not to sure.... I think she lives either near you guys or on the south side..... Again not to sure.... But ya, if you guys are interested in meeting up just let me know........ I'm always up for a little meet.......

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    boofighter Guest

    places to live

    i live south side,
    south of 82 ave
    i am movign up to the north end soon.

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    t birdsally Guest

    places to live

    I live in the west end. Are any of you guys going to the car show in Three Hills? There are suppose to be 2000 cars there. I'm in the middle of painting and fixing dents and rust on my car. Should be done by the weekend.

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    Kick Ass Kolenc Guest


    I do live in edmonton, but i'm on holidays in vernon bc and i'm starting to think screw edmonton, this weather is sooooooo sweet out's so nice...and like the clothes that chicks wear ahhh let me grab a tissue quickly...ok i'm back it is amazing...and ryan...that chick is hot! she's lookin better than the pictures i saw...the hairdo she had was workin for her!

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    Tazer999 Guest

    Re: ok...


    She has like 3 different styles, I like the one from grad best

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    BlackAnSC Guest

    Re: ok...

    Did scott go to grad?

    hehe i saw a pic from your grade 9 year at Kal hehehe...

    Hey scott its super sunny out here right now.

    Damn grant mcewan has a nice campus on Jasper.

    DO u work out here?

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    Tazer999 Guest

    Re: ok...

    Did he goto my grad? No

    Sunny here too, I think it is 26 degrees or something at my house, real hot in town,

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    Kick Ass Kolenc Guest


    i work on whyte ave n calgary trail basically

    yeah it's sunny out there...but it's smoking hot out's pretty sweet...i can't imagine what it's like when it's +40 out here...though i remember moving houses when it was that hot...and yikes...sweet weather...

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    BlackAnSC Guest

    Re: .

    where do u work?

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    Kick Ass Kolenc Guest


    small sporting goods store called United Cycle

    i work in the sporting goods store not hte bike store. I sell stuff most of hte time. It's not actually right on whyte ave...but the address is 10323 78th ave

    so it's right on calgary trail, but 4 ave's off whyte ave

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