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Thread: Smelling like burning coolant. Engine really hot.

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    Smelling like burning coolant. Engine really hot.

    I sent my car to a mechanic to change up the fuel pump and with that he suggested new pulleys/belts. Car was firing up great, boosting alot better. Now I smell burning coolant when I get out of the car after its warm, are my headgaskets going? I have no milky resisdue, oil seems fine.

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    Depends on were you are smelling it? Is it up front or out the pipes? You could have a leaking radiator hose. Or have you been running it REAL hard after getting the work done?

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    behind the wheel

    Smell comes stongest from behind the front drivers wheel, like its coming threw the cats. I thought it might be the smell from the new pulleys (plastic replacements) but I do not think that would still be ongoing.

    couple more points...

    Temp gauge is stagnant on N, not getting a good reading there. Try to keep the temp sensor clean but have no idea if the wire is good. Testing that tomorrow.
    If the T-stat was no good or stuck, would that back up the system and force out fluid on to the hot engine? Maybe threw the vent plug- I see that the mechanic put an end to the gasket thing, but I still do not see a way fluid could get out there.

    Not running it too hard, I driving alot lately but nothing big.

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    Maybe the mechanic spilled some coolant on the engine while refilling the system?

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    i've always smell coolant after driving for a long time and my overflow tank magically empties over the course of a two week period, but yet the radiator stays full, very odd, this is on going for a year and half, so oh well, it still runs haha

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