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Thread: Sunroof visor : installation assistance

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    Sunroof visor : installation assistance

    I recently replaced the glass section of my sunroof and am having trouble installing the sunroof visor.

    On each side of the sunroof opening, there are metal tracks which guide the sunroof's plastic rails. The visor apparently rides either on top of these metal tracks or underneath them, or so assume because I see no other option. Unfortunately, if I put it on top, it easily falls beneath them and doesn't seem to fit under the glass. If I put the visor underneath the metal tracks, it gets stuck and won't move. I found some instructions on the TCCOA that could help if I knew what the "roof sliding panel opening shield" was.

    If anyone could help I would appreciate it.!

    Also, I found this thread about a sunroof wind deflector; might anyone have a pic of the part being refered to?

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    Bump; if you can provide any info its appreciated!

    I think a good diagram of the sunroof mechanisms might be useful..

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