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Thread: Anyone had their S/C from birth?

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    Apr 2002
    Got mine in May of '89. Traded an '88 Mustang GT in for it.
    The SC is the best car I have ever had..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ben04
    how much did you guys pay for those showroom bought SC's?

    At least 10k less than you'd have to pay for an equivalent/similar car today

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    Apr 2002
    Azusa, CA
    I bought my '89 new in 9/89 and had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Shelton
    I bought my '89 new in 9/89 and had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into!
    Haha, but you can't blame the car for that John!
    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    Ya thats why i tape mine down. People think its bc i dont have a moonroof seal (which is true) but its really to keep my roof from ripping off .
    Email me here.

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    Technically I am the original owner. I bought my 92 in Feb of 94 with 11,608 miles. It was a "Executive Driven Demo" or so they say. Anyway, it had never been titled to anyone else. So yeah, I've owned it for 10 years.
    Kurt K (e-mail)
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    '92 SC AOD -- 11.521s @ 116.748mph, 2.0 AR power
    . . . . . . . . . -- 13.547s @ 101.01 mph, only w/ bolt-ons
    '95 SC 5spd -- All Stock, except 17" Simmons wheels.
    '90 SC 35th Anny 5spd -- 3rd owner, 16k miles
    2 '89 XR7 5spd's -- on their way out, really!

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    I bought mine in Nov. of 91(92),after my 89 got stolen.After I got the new car my 89 was recoverd,just missing the plates, but it had two bullet holes in the trunk lid...Go figure.I guess I never got over the SC bug.


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    Picked my SC off the showroom floor in October of 1990. I had liked the look of the new Bird but found them just to gutless. One of the sales staff ask if I had checked out the new SC model and pointed me in the direction where one was sitting. After opening the hood and seeing a "REAL ROOTS" type of blower I was sold !!! All it took was a 5 minute drive and we started talking dollars.

    As of last Tuesday (Oct 12) I had 163K miles on it and only problems have been 1 water pump at 75K miles & the automatic at 139K miles

    I have attached ( I hope ) a copy of the window sticker. The bottom line out the door including all taxes, new car license and extended 100K service contract was $23,125.00
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    Canton (Atlanta area) GA

    Thumbs up

    I bought my '92 just a few hours after they rolled it off the transport from the factory. They didn't even have an opportunity to put their dealer stickers on it. I was the first and only person to test drive it. I still love driving it as much today as I did that afternoon when I drove it off the lot...

    (I will love it even more once I rebuild the AOD and correct the slipping overdrive)

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    Had my 93 SC from day one off the dealer lot. Still stock no mods of any kind....(besides the sound system). Great car wil never let it go.

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    We bought our 89 SC brand new in Nov 1988. It had 7 miles on it then. It now has over 315K and still runs great (except to current broken harmonic balancer). We paid just over 19K for it after trade in. When my husband and I got divorced in 1997 I got the SC and he got the truck. He wasn't very happy needless to say. My SC has been a very reliable car with only maintenance issues to deal with. It still has the original trans and rear end but the engine was rebuilt in 2000. Just a lil insigt into my SC.

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    Pretty cool thread, pulled some stock SC out of the woodwork.
    Its great you guys/gal still have your SCs.
    After all the stuff I've went thru owning 3 (non as first owner) I'd never had kept them without the help of this site. Too much money on repairs etc..
    not to mention Ford just letting them slip away(no support on parts)

    For the record we are the second owners of 2 of our SCs.
    The 92 was supposedly a Colo Bureau of Investigations car picked up at an auction by the previous owner, so we're the 3rd owners on it.

    Each of the cars had between 60-70K on them, when we picked them up.

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    Since everyone is reminscing about their SC.. heres my story..

    I was looking for a decent (rather fast) first car. I searched eBay for local auctions, and found just what I was lookin' for. It was red, fast, fuel injected, and sure looked the part. A 1986 Pontiac Trans Am WS6, in brilliant red, T-Tops, the deep dish black mesh rims, with polished lip, and a TPI 305. I convinced my parents this was that car for ME. And it was within MY price range. After talking to the seller, we negotiated a time and day for me to see/drive the car.. It was a rainy night, and I grabbed my jacket, and headed towards the door to leave, when the phone rang. Unforteunately, someone had used the guy it now option on eBay. After being thoroughly dissapointed, my father and I went into town, to see what some of the used car dealers had. The second dealer we went to, I found a beat up 94 Thunderbird forsale, which had been sitting for awhile. I didnt know much about the MN12 platform at this time, but all I knew was it had "V8" on the side, and I wanted it... Needless to say, I bought it for $1550, and have nearly changed the entire look of the car since I bought it almost a year ago. It was funny, when I first bought this car, all my friends called it a Firebird.. NOT because the car I WAS going to get was a Firebird, but how many kids have a THUNDERBIRD? Truthfully, I've driven the piss out of this car, and its taken the abuse pretty well...

    Now onto how I found my SC...

    I took my car to the track, just to see what the ole 4.6 could do, and maybe murder some ricers in my granny car. Well, it was quite the opposite. I lined up against an almost stock looking Civic hatch... needless to say, I lost by about a buslength. This is when I realized I needed something much faster, or start investing in a PI swap..

    I was looking in the local trading post, just seeing what was out there. I didnt really want an F-Body, or a Mustang, so I was looking for oddball cars, like Turbo Carvans (I know, probably not much faster then the 4.6.. but still lol).. Turbo Eclipses, and Lincoln Mark's. Well, I spotted this ad for a 1993 Thunderbird Super Coupe. 5-speed, with 140K miles. "Good Condition"... just for the heck of it, I decide to get some info, and decided to check out the car. I mean... I ALWAYS wanted a Super Coupe, since I was a little kid. Well, this SC was nice, it just needed a little bit of TLC.. My parents thought I was crazy for even considering buying this inplace of my LX (Because I literally put my heart and soul into my LX). But, the test drive is what sold me. The way the SC just pushes you back into the seat.. the way my LX NEVER could.. the whine of the super charger, watching the boost gauges go back and forth....ah...

    The SC was a one owner car. It was the guys baby. He took pretty good care of it, untill recently, because he just let it sit. He still owned the car when him and his wife met, and still had it, and let his son use it to take to his prom.

    Well, thats the story of my SC/MN12's. My dad will now use my LX as his dail driver, and I'll get the SC.

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    I am original owner 89 SC 5 speed. Paid 16,500. Was looking for an escort and seen the SC in the lot and asked to drive it, salesman said better not, but did anyway. Went back 2 days later and bought it. Now has 175,000 miles on it and its been the best car I ever owned. It is still stock but have been buying new parts, now need time to start putting them on.

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    Apr 2002
    SW Michigan

    '89 Xr-7

    I special ordered my '89 XR-7 (throught the military), just before the start of the '90 model yr. I wanted a 1st. yr. car. Didn't know then that there was only gonna be a 1st. & last yr. I still have her, & will till I die.


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