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Thread: 89 xr7 questions?

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    89 xr7 questions?

    Hey sup everyone i'm new to this thing but my friend has a cougar too just not the super charged one. i recently bought a 89 for 500 bucks guy said it didn't go in reverse. i got it in reverse it seemed to be stuck. the car sounds like its missing like its only running on 4 valves. i'm thinking maybe its only a tune up so i'm going to be doing that this weekend. but i did notice one thing i only have 4 gears 1-4 and reverse. i dont see many ppl saying they have 4 gears on this site. so i would wanna know whats the deal. and what can i do to make this car run better and maybe even reliable until i save up for complete overhaul. b/c i have another project which is really crazy. and if your in the hampton roads virginia area. i do custom paint and body work. i work for jeff at dreamworks. check out the website. in case you wanna make your t-bird or cougar stand out.

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    you either have a 5-speed manual or a 4 speed auto. welcome to the club

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    well i guess my gears are messed up then. because its suppose to be 5 speed. but it only goes in 1-4 and reverse. thanx

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    I had that problem once and I found out I only had a 4 speed manual.

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