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Thread: For that person that ask can a sc beat this car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jookycola View Post
    Sadly this was not a redline, just a 96-01 regular coupe.
    was it blue....... beacause i live in southeast michigan and ther is a blue saturn going around and its got a turbo looks stock till you see the front mount hanging out.... were was this at...
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    You would be suprised what a saturn can do. I was building a turbo setup for mine b4 i got my SC and now my wife has decided to finish the turbo on the saturn. 97 SC2. has some current fastest saturn times on there. also for more info

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    Nothing for a 93 SC???

    I'm going to go out on a limb and ask who in the haill pulled such stats?

    Bogus I say

    Bogus numbers...

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    Some of the numbers posted really don't seem correct

    One thing to remember about production vehicles is NO 2 will run identical times !!!!

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