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Thread: Extreme M90 porting - *pics*

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    Lightbulb Extreme M90 porting - *pics*

    Been gettin' emails and phone calls at the shop askin' about this pic so for those that haven't seen it...

    So far, I've milled the original inlet off and installed a "wall" to define the new inlet shape. Lower bolt bosses were removed because I just couldn't see workin' around 'em like normally seen in other port jobs. I mean, if we're gonna do this why be limited by a coupla bolts? The bosses will of course be relocated. Their location will be defined when the new outlet is completed on the new inlet plenum.
    Yep, hours & hours (literally) were devoted to checking/confirming/guessing the tweaks needed to make sure rotor timing between inlet vs outlet would work.


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    Hopefully some before and after dyno testing? Looks good, what are you going to charge?

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    ya get some dyno results and you have a sold buyer right here.

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