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Thread: Who is going?

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    Ron DiPaola Guest

    Who is going?

    Who's going, where are you coming in from and will you have your car?

    Ron DiPaola
    Endicott, NY

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    NYC Russ Guest

    Me, maybe;
    Hell no.

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    DD Iowa Guest

    Who is going?

    Count me in...

    SE Iowa...



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    Kurt Sunday Guest

    I talked to the hotel today... 23 room reservations so far.

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    Still Cruisn Guest

    I'm plannin' on bein' there. Comin' up from Houston. Will be in my SC. Gettin' ready to reserve a room NOW. If work screws me over this time, I may have to go postal.
    Can't wait!

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    Dick Adams Guest

    The boss lady and I will be there. Coming from North Carolina.
    Will have the car.

    The Judge

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    pdennis93 Guest

    im hopefully getting a ride down with vic rattlehead and not sure about where im staying, im pretty broke (headgasket repair)

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    Kelly Simons Guest

    Faye & I will be In OKSC on Thursday with our 92 SC. Kelly

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    gldiii Guest

    Looks good so far, coming from Medina, OH (outside Cleveland), will have car, of course!

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    XB70 Guest

    Of course I will be there.

    Please bear with me but I will have the schedule finalized this week and published on several sites.

    Looking forward to building the momentum for attendance. Let's shoot for having the Ramada full of MN12ers!!!!

    Also need a preference of what performance parts (for all MN12s) to raffle off on Sunday 2 September.

    See ya all there. My ETA is Thursady night, 30 August.

    Colonel Glenn

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    Stryford Guest

    i'll be there with my SC!

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    Thomas A Guest

    Hey XB70,

    I have a few suggestions as far as parts. I'll just give you the list that I am planning on buying, so maybe I won't have to

    5% Pulley
    3/4" Raised Top
    IC Fan
    70mm BBK TB
    75mm Pro-M MAF
    Spanner Nut Wrench

    Gift certificates might also be a good idea, maybe from SCPERFORMANCE or SCPI. I guess we need something of the N/A guys.

    Also, I was just wondering if there was going to be an attempt to line up some sort of media coverage for this kick arse event? Just a thought...

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    Kris Campos Guest

    Re: Hey XB70,

    i'm gonna be there, coming from ca. and i will have my car and hopefully i can make it run right in the next few weeks. and i'm planning on arriving on thurs night so it will give me enough time so that i won't be late.
    look forward to seeing all yall again.

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    Kurt K Guest

    I'm going from St. Louis

    I should arrive between 2-3pm on Thursday.

    I will have my '92 SC with me.

    Hey Judge: Are you passing thru St. Louis?

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    Dick Adams Guest

    Re: Who is going?To Kurt K.


    We are not going through St. Louis. We will be taking I-40 West. I have some kin right outside Fort Smith AR and we are going to stop there on the way out. We will also do the tourist thing in Little Rock and maybe Memphis. Also have to take the boss lady to the Federal Building Memorial in OC. We are going to leave NC on Tuesday morning. See you there.

    The Judge

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