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Thread: Who ran the 13.3?

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    Ron DiPaola Guest

    Who ran the 13.3?

    I am updating the fastest SC list, can someone respond with the guy's name who ran the 13.3 and the exact numbers?


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    Kurt K Guest

    Chris Wise, but I don't know the exact numbers.

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    David Neibert Guest

    While your updating the list will you put me down for a 14.196 @ 94.36 on 07-11-01 witnessed by Chris Mendola and Wade Embree. I'll send the time slip if you tell me where.
    Thanks, David

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    Todd Jelle Guest

    Put me down as well as many SCers saw the 14.089 at 97.74mph

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    Ron DiPaola Guest

    Already there

    Todd, you were already added.

    David, no need to send the timeslip.


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    Mike Puckett Guest

    Re: who ran the 13.3

    I have the other copy of the 13.3 time slip and it was a 13.365 @ 103.72 mph. It was against me in the bracket eliminations 1st round and I beat him by .005 sec. I was left lane and he was right lane. I dialed in a 14.20 and ran a 14.398 @ 98.8 mph, he was dialed in at 13.20. I didn't redlight this one and cut a .644 light to his .682 light. My 60' was a lowly 2.309 but he ran an outstanding 1.991. Neither one of us could tell who won until we got our time slips. With the head start I could hear him coming up on me from behind and just catch up to me at the line but, apparently just an RCH short. .005 sec, wow that's close.

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    Wzenheimer Guest

    it was me

    I was the one who ran a 13.365....mike posted the exact numbers if you need the slip I can scan it and send it to ya. Mike was right it was a close race.

    Christopher Wise
    1990 35th Anniversary SC


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    Kurt Sunday Guest

    I did a 12.5!

    I had 12 and a half beers on Friday night.

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