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Thread: you might have been at the sccoa national meet if.......

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    pdennis93 Guest

    you might have been at the sccoa national meet if.......

    10. you saw Kurt S swimming in the hotel pool 'round 3am
    9. you saw a rented mustang going down a drag strip
    8. you were sitting on the side of the road for 2 hrs out side of tulsa fixing a crank censor
    7. you've ever seen a sign saying "dont drive through smoke"
    6. You saw an SC drive through a pile of Pig ~~~~~
    5. you heard the question "wheres Jason marsh?" more than once
    4. you washed and waxed your car only to have it rain driving through Missuri
    3. you were asked if you'd ever seen a crimson red/red 93 sc (ok i had to post it even if i didnt ask everyone there, lol)
    2. you were in a flock of birds crusing along at 85mph being led by a lincoln navigator

    and the no. 1 reason you might have been at the national meet.

    You are having a hard time getting that grin off of your face.

    please add to or modify this

    they werent that bad were they??? 32 views and no replies?

    oh well i thought some were funny.

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    Stryford Guest

    11. you witnessed Chris Ward's SC "kiss" the car with an idiot driver in front of him.
    12. you witnessed Will Priesler "kiss" Jason Marsh.
    13. you didn't get to sleep at all, except during Duffy's lecture.
    14. you had the $hits. :lol:
    15. you sang "Happy Birthday" to LissaSC at Blackeyed Pea.
    16. you had to wait an hour and a half AFTER you asked for separate checks at Blackeyed Pea.

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    pdennis93 Guest

    ok i have more

    17. you whitnessed SweetSC take All the good prizes at the raffle
    18. you discovered Why the ramada didnt car about us tearing up their ~~~~~~ rock parking lot
    19. you you know now the importance if calibrating your crank pulley before installing it
    20. you're already planning on next years meet

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    Jory 89SC STOCK Guest

    i was in Chris Ward's sc when it "kissed" the dodge truck, but i wasn't at the nationals. oh well.

    - dark-blue 89' thunderbird sc, 5-speed

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