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Thread: '92 SC Over-temp condition - update

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    '92 SC Over-temp condition - update

    Per my previous posts during the past few days, my '92 SC was experiencing an "overtemp" condition - the needle was running very warm (close to hot !). My initial suspicion was the dreaded head gaskets - but there were no other symptoms, i.e. oil is clear, no exhaust smoke, coolant loss, etc. One of the suggestions from this wonderful forum was to install a new radiator cap. So off to the local Ford garage I go, plunk down $13.95, and in exchange I received a genuine "oem" Ford radiator cap. PROBLEM SOLVED. The car now runs cool again. Upon further research, I'm now told that a 1 lb. pressure drop from a slightly leaking radiator cap can result in a 7-10 degree increase in coolant temp ! A big THANK YOU to the members of this site for helping me get off cheap ! (Now, if the head gaskets go in the next few days I'll be back pissin' & moanin' !)

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    Replace the cap every two years (maybe less often if it's not driven daily). Usually the rubber gasket gets cracked and cannot hold the required pressure. You don't need to buy one from Ford - a $6 one is good enough. I think that replacing the radiator cap frequently and installing a transmission cooler are some of the most inexpensive but overlooked ways to prolong the life of the engine and transmission.
    Warning - Before you rush to replace the radiator cap on a very old radiator, know that doing so could cause the radiator to spring a terminal leak.
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