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Thread: Rob what is your plan ??

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    David Neibert Guest

    Rob what is your plan ??

    It seems like everyone is waiting for you to either select a city or post a new poll. I'm trying to plan out the summer and need to nail down the meet. If you need some help with leg work I would be happy to assist.

    As Peter suggested, a smaller city may pose less problems with track avalibility on a holiday weekend.

    Looking forward to seeing you post something soon.

    Thanks, David

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    MN12nationals Guest


    still looking into possibilities for the location and possibily a new date. i would like to keep it the same time frame, but it seems the larger tracks are, on the most part, booked for the labor day weekend. I will let everyone know soon what the decision will be.

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    David Neibert Guest


    I would like to keep the same time frame also. Do you know if the track Peter D. is suggesting will be available then?

    Really, anyplace is fine with me. Thanks for all the work you are putting into this. I've worked planning a few trade shows and know what you are up against. You won't be able to please everyone.


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    pdennis93 Guest

    Dave, if their schedule is right, there is a T&T session on the friday before labor day with nothing scheduled for that saturday either, but if people got there quick enough the T&T would work good i think (btw this is off the 2k1 schedule, 2002 isnt up yet but i think if we requested a T&T this early in advance they would have one, but they normally have them all fridays in the summer anyway... also friday would be better than saturday because then saturday we could probably get that autocross)

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