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Thread: Need AOD suggestions...

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    Need AOD suggestions...

    I need to replace the AOD in my '92. I found this one on ebay and several others that are similar. I am a little concerned about getting a unit that will fit correctly and what I should be looking for in the area of performance. My SC is a daily driver, so I don't need anything on the level of a Lentech racing tranny, but I don't want something rated for a NA bird, either. I guess I'm looking for a good unit at a good price. Any ideas on who I should be talking to?

    (I would also consider a good working salvage unit out of a wrecked car...)

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    For that price you can have yours rebuilt.

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    Get an Art Carr from Super Coupe Performance. The trans on eBay doesn't say what's inside except shift kit. I wouldn't waste my money or time installing it. Even the cheapest Art Carr Street trans is most likely much better than that thing. Transmissions aren't like installing a throttle body or new valve covers. If it's junk you have wasted money and considerable installation time. Get something good and be done with it.


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