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Thread: Transmission cooler question.

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    Transmission cooler question.

    Where is the best place to mount a tranny cooler on a 94-95 SC? In front of the AC COndinser the pusher fan is in the way. Ant idea's?

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    By the oil cooler

    Would it be possiable to place it by the Oil cooler, or on the other by the IC, ?


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    I guess it depends upon what type of cooler you have or plan to have. I have a simple tubular one about 18" long & its mounted in the front bumper opening with some simple angle brackets I made myself and, bolted to the upper side of the opening. You may want to look and see how much gap there is between the condensor & the rad, because that would be a good place and would also make use of the cooling fan.

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    i have a 94 sc. i moved my horn and mounted it on the back side of the bumper, right in front of the air intake on the left side of the license plate.

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