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Thread: Question - Front suspension

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    Question - Front suspension

    I'm removing the rack and pinion, can anyone give me advice on how to get the tie rod ends off? Am I going to have to replace anything? Or can I just put them right back on? also how do you take them off?

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    Your new rack should come with the inner tie rod ends already on it...I'd highly recommend getting new outer tie rod ends as well. They are not that expensive, and they do go bad after time. I've got all new suspension components including the steering components to get put on mine...Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to get that done...

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    I still want to know if there is another rack and pinion out there that can be bolted in place of the stock unit. Any body have any ideas?


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    Rack & Pinion Lessons Learned!

    I had a friend who works at the local Midas Shop replace my R&P in my 90 XR7. Actually we did it together. I was lending moral support when he was trying to get the power steering lines off the old one and back on the new one. It almost drove us both to drinking! It took about an hour to remove the old one and install the new one. 15 minutes to R&I the units and 45 minutes to R&I the power steering lines. Good Luck!

    I agree with 007. Replace the outer tie rod ends at the same time since you will need to get the front end aligned. Will save you grief and $$$$$ later on.

    NAPA sells SC R&P re-man units.

    Ed Springer

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    Joisey Jim Guest
    As far as the original question is concerned; to remove the outer tie-rods (the ones with the ball joint that bolts to the wheel spindle). If they are not very old & you want to re-use them, then mark a fixed distance, say 3" from the back face of the jamb nut and scratch a mark on the tie-rod. Then loosen the jamb nut. On the ball joint end, remove the cotter pin and release the nut. If you have a separator tool all the better (especially if you decide to reinstall the old ends), if not you can release the nut to the end of the thread and then hammer it out from underneath. A separator tool is recommended, however, because these babies are very tight. After releasing the ball joint you can simply unscrew the old tie-rod end off the tie rod itself. The inner rod joint removal is a little more tricky and requires a special cylindrical/tubular tool (specific for Fords) that slides over the entire rod to get to the inner joint. However, if you're replacing the whole rack then these are normally included.
    Hope that helps.

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