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Thread: Vac Leak

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    Vac Leak

    Actually got two problems, first I took off the upper and lower IC tubes, but trying to put them back on was a hassle, the lower tube I cant get a wrench on one of those bolts, so didn't tighten it that much, I used Black RTV gasket sealer - high temp and I def have a vac leak, Vac is fine around 20 but boost goes to 7lbs and quits and you can tell its leaking.

    Second I took my alt off and sometimes when I go to start the car everything just dies, 30secs later everything comes back and it works fine... it did it like 5 times already...little confused.

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    Yeah Vac leak need to get a good wrench on it and get it tight you can always try

    turning the stud after you undo it and get the nut down further.

    AAAAA about three mohths ago the wire on my alternator burned up and I don't know why. So I had to replace the whole harness from the (starter ignition relay) you know the thing on the sidewall that the positive from the battery connects to. Reads like a bad connection.

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