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Thread: 2002 MN-12 Nationals Pre-Registration up and running!

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    MN12nationals Guest

    2002 MN-12 Nationals Pre-Registration up and running!

    please visit the MN-12 Nationals website and pre-register for the upcoming 2002 National meet.

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    MN12nationals Guest

    For those that pre-register the fee will be $10, those that wait till the event will be $20. The fees are to help offset the cost of the track, dyno, food, BEER, raffle items, and so on.

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    Vic Rattlehead Guest

    for the 10 fee, when do we pay this, day of or mail in before? Just an idea, if its a mail in type thing, think about getting a P.O. box, they are not expensive, and you wont have your home address out on the internet, that might become a problem at some point in time.

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    MN12nationals Guest


    I think i will use paypal, but I guess for those who do not want to use paypal, then maybe a P.O. Box

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    TBone95 Guest

    Re: Paypal

    Does preregistration obligate us to pay the fee? I am interested in going but depending on the location and date I might not be able to make it.

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    TBKHomeworld Guest

    Re: Paypal


    I am just waiting for the results of the pole. Once the pole is finished (Thanksgiving) I'm going to pre-register. However, if it's eay northeast, then I'm probably not going to go.

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    MN12nationals Guest

    Re: Paypal

    pre-registration does not obligate you to go. It just helps with the planning and getting sponsors and media coverage.

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    TBKHomeworld Guest

    Re: Paypal

    Don't say that! MAN, I hope my wife doesn't read that. I can pre-register, tell my wife I did and we HAVE to go....after all I spent money on it!!! ;-)

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