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Thread: Blown Headgasket!

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    Blown Headgasket!

    I recently blew a head gasket in my 92 sc. Is it difficult to change and are there any tricks to doing it? Is it also worth the time to just rebuild the motor? Where can I get parts? Any info would be appreciated.

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    join the club, the head gasket monster slowly visits us all

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    head gasket help.

    I just got done mine on my second this is my 3rd time on 3.8L motors...2 of them welow it this time, i just knew it would happen so I remedied the situation. Anyway, I have all part numbers and prices for work done and I can help you out with any questions. I am at school now I will get back to u when I get home. I did tiing chain/gears motor mounts, fuel pressure regulator, water pump, oil pump and some other minor stuff, for under $500. It took me about 15-18 hours of work, but that includes cleaning parts. Let me know if you are gonna attempt it and if you want part numbers and help.

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    I agree with Aaron. It just takes time. Be patient, don't rush and make sure you label hose, wires, etc...It took me about 6 Saturdays, 2-3 hours each day. I have a family and I did not want this car to take that time away.
    It is helpful if you have the factory manual. And since you will have the heads off, you should get them ported and polished.

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