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Thread: Runs Fine, CEL On, Code 185

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    Runs Fine, CEL On, Code 185


    My 95 SC 5 Speed is running good, with a little pinging near the top (3800 rpm +) & a little flat. Max boost is about 12~13 PSI. I recently replaced the plugs, wires & cam sensor and resealed the upper IC tube. I then tried the 15 PSI air hose trick from my compressor to the gauge inlet & soaped up the intake, IC tubes, etc. I found that a small red (hard plastic) line was leaking a little at the plastic manifold mounted on the firewall. I zip-tied the hose & it seems to not be leaking now.

    Today I'm driving the car & pull up at home only to look down & see the CEL on (which I have not seen since the Cam ~~~ Sensor).

    I scanned it & got code 185. To me it seems that the persistent pinging & flat mid/upper range might be due to a lean condition. I'm now thinking that the MAF might have been bad or going bad.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for taking a look!

    M Randolph
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    the pinging is probably related to a lean condition however your MAF may not be bad.

    code 185 says that the maf is reading lower than expected.

    you need to check to see if its working properly. do you use a k&N filter? if so your sensor may be contaminated with crud. clean it off with some carb cleaner and you may want to disconnect the battery to reset the KAM.

    try this out and if it doesnt do anything shoot me an email and ill send you the propper way to test the maf and be sure its bad.


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    Thanks for the response. Although I'm running a stock intake, I have pondered cleaning the MAF. I worry about that, though, because I did so on a 97 Vette & fried the MAF. I guess the wire was Nikasil coated? Not sure about the SC's unit though. Either way, I've got the cleaner on hand if I get bold. I'll see what it does during the commute tomorrow & note any changes.

    Incidentally, I just ran another KOEO and KOER test and all came back 111 (normal) except for the running code of 185.

    Thanks again for the response!

    M Randolph

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