Make 1990 Ford Thuderbird SuperCoupe
Color Interior Black and Gray
Exterior Black
Transmission Auto
Miles 200k+

Location San Jose California
Price $950

You all know what they look like:

WARNING WARNING WARNING, this is a picture of another black SuperCoupe. My SuperCoupe DOES NOT look good like the one in the picture !!! here is the story:

1. Body is straight, no wrecks, no damage, metal looks quite good actually, solid top, not a sunroof model. And both the front and rear bumpers look good.
2. Paint is in bad condition and has gotten worse since the clear coat started going south.
3. No rust.
4. Interior -- at a minimum you will need to replace or reupholster the two front seats.
5. Wheels - like new Goodyear tires on each stock factory mag wheel. Mags and tires ALONE are probably worth at least $500 !!!
6. Engine -- good condition. Why? This car was purchased NEW by a career girl who just loved it and spared no expense on frequent oil changes and fixing anything and everything that by any stretch of the imagination needed fixing. I don't know what she knew about cars, but she paid the big bucks for any maintenance or repairs that her mechanic recommended and so she knew her car was good. When we got the car at about 180k miles, we continued the effort. AND, upgraded to Mobil 1 syn oil !
7. Brakes -- Good. In fact, this SuperCoupe has ABS. This means that when the Master Cylinder started leaking, and then dumping, brake fluid all over the street, and I found out that installing a replacement would cost $1800 or more at the dealer, I found the only place in the Country that rebuilds, in Texas, and installed their rebuild for around $800 including labor. FORD MOTOR COMPANY NO LONGER supports these ABS assemblies and only the rebuilt units are available -- IF YOU CAN FIND THEM.
8. Catalytic Converter. YES, THIS CAR JUST PASSED CALIFORNIA SMOG WITH NO PROBLEMS !!! That is because the old catalytic converter finally wore out and we replaced it with a NEW one from Ford, for about $500.00. Why so much? Because the SuperCoupe catalytic converter is SPECIAL for the SuperCoupe and they are not available elsewhere in the car parts aftermarket.
9. Has a cool FACTORY sound system, although in my opinion the factory subwoofer could use a little work, if that is important to you. The radio has been UPGRADED to one with a built in CD player, so the separate built in CD player is still there in the panel, and if you take that out there would be room for an XM satellite radio unit, for example.
10. So how good does it get? Well, I have ALL owners manuals and ALL factory service manuals for this car.
11. Warning: Air conditioner no longer works.
12. And now here's the kicker. The automatic transmission is in the trunk. No, this is not a rear transaxle conversion. It is IN BOXES in the trunk. Why? Well because the car would not shift out of 2nd gear the other day. So a family member took it BACK to the SAME transmission shop that had REBUILT the SAME transmission a little over a year ago. Guess what. The transmission was OUT OF WARRANTY. But after taking out the transmission they WERE kind enough to put the transmission PARTS into the trunk of the SuperCoupe, and we brought the car home on a flat bed Triple A tow truck. We are storing it, and it is waiting just for you, in a covered car port.

In summary, here is what you get:

Body (under the bad paint): GREAT "List Price" $2000
Intergral front and rear bumpers already installed: GREAT "List Price" $500
New radio: GREAT "List Price" $250
New catalytic converter: GREAT "List Price" $500 (I think there are two)
Engine and supercharger: GOOD "List Price" $1500 (did always start)
Like new Goodyear tires and wheels: "List Price" $800
Nearly new ABS Master Cylinder unit: "List Price" $1500
Auto Transmission Core in a box "List Price" $75
Owner's manual and Factory Service Manuals: "List Price" $150

So what this means is that your Total Value is $7,275.00, and your price for ALL of the above is ONLY $950.00 US FOB San Jose, California, and I'll throw in the windows, windshield wipers, and headlights for free.

Please contact me at, and let me know when your TOW TRUCK will be here. It is all or nothing, no individual parts are for sale. CU soon. License is current and have pink slip.