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Thread: 1990 - Super Charger - Problems

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    1990 - Super Charger - Problems

    Hi everyone...

    I'm new 1990 thunderbird SC owner, and I've a problem with the supercharger, so I had to remove it, so my SC now is LX... by this reason, I'm looking a second hand 1990 Supercharger.

    I'm from Costa Rica, in my country only have 3 thunderbirs SC, so is very difficult find one.

    If someone know where I can find this spare, please contact me. because I need feel the power again in my hands....

    tks a lot

    Marcos Fernandez

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    I'd check on ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC90_Pete
    I'd check on ebay.
    I checked ebay and I'm bid by one...

    tks a lot

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