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Thread: Ideas for removing rounded nuts and bolt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCotto
    For the nut on the stud, you could use a tool called a nut splitter.
    you should be able to find one at any good auto parts store.
    OW! That sounds painful!!!

    I guess I'l try that next!

    This is the first time I've rounded off bolts in YEARS. I rebuilt the engine in my 73 F100 last summer, and didn't round off the first bolt.

    I've done plenty of work on my SC over the last 5 years, and aint done it yet.

    The SC I'm working on now is my little brothers, it used to live on a dirt road, or something becasue there is lots of dirt caked on the bottom! The rear diff looks like a ball of mud!

    I also broke off the exhaust manifold studs on the passenger side.

    This SC is a PIA to work on!

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    I purchased the 7 piece Metric Super Sockets to help remove a rounded bolt on a brake caliper and must say I was surprised. I had worked for many “hours” to get this stubborn bolt loose when I finally decided to go and purchase “something” to remove this bolt. I went to a National Chain and purchased a product claiming to remove rounded bolts but after looking at the product I was not convinced it would work. Before returning home I stopped at another tool supplier and saw the Super Sockets which I purchased but was also skeptical. After returning home I tried the other product and as I suspected it failed to remove the bolt. I wasn’t convinced the Super Socket product would perform any better but I needed to try. I secured the socket onto the bolt, attached my 3/8” ratchet and after two good attempts the bolt broke free ---- What a Relief! The product carries a Lifetime Warranty, Socket Casings MADE IN USA, Plastic Case MADE IN USA, Assembled IN USA, Internal Components MADE IN USA or India (5 out of 6 not too bad)!

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    i hate that probem

    I had to grind off a bolt recently w/a dremmel. Took a tortch to get it out ultimatelyy. never would have come out in the car b/c no access.

    Hi old-timers.

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    Don't feel alone. Doing some tuning and wanted to pull the P-side o2 out and install the WB, but the O2 is rounded off. There is no deep well set available. LOL
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