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Thread: Awesome Stock 93 Time !!!!!

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    Awesome Stock 93 Time !!!!!

    Well, after waiting all summer hopeing to get more go-fast parts for the SC, I haven't got anything, and today was the last day for Thursday Test-n-Tunes here at good ole' Heartland Park in Topeka. So, I decided to go, the temperatures were in the 50s-60s, NICE for the SC. Ran 3 times, not worth wasting toooo much gas, or tires

    My best run of the night:
    15.268 @ 90.21 mph

    Only things done to my car is air silencer removed, IC fan, and Cobra Rs w/ a little bit of tread left on the back. So, isn't this a pretty good stock SC time? :S

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    Pretty good time. I have a 5 spd and I just ran a 15.56 at 88mph.

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    I just ran a 15.4 @93mph in my 89 5spd XR7... not bad at all... mines completely bone stock... i mean everything...


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    i ran a 14.7 @94 with my exhaust resonator removed (not my choice). and no air silencer. dont ask me how it happened...but good time dude!

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    I remember the first time I ran my ' to was completly stock and I some how pulled of a 15.25

    Really nice time! Now you've open the can of worms that never stops...going faster

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    that's very good time for stock auto sc
    I pulled 14.4 with CAI and catback axh. but mine is late model and 5-speed sc


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