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Thread: ST Thomas Dragway needs our help!

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    ST Thomas Dragway needs our help!

    Yes thats right if we want to race there again we need to help them out since it might be closed done because people dont want it there anymore. I found this out over on the london area mustang club board.

    Here is a link to the first part about

    This is the post that we can help with so it's not closed down.HELP

    I thought I would post this since we have all been there at some time and I'm sure we all want to go again.

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    They suck anyway ! Horrible track prep.

    but that would be bad news since we don't have a lot of tracks around us.
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    I can already see the price at TMP going up.

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    This world is full of extremely short sighted and narrow minded individuals. There is nothing you can do about that. Letting them affect your lifesyle choices is another thing altogether.

    That being said, the threat of street racing is not going to add any weight to any arguments. People have to compromise and get along. If the track does not violate any zoning ordinances by it's presence, then it would seem to me that the most they could do is require mufflers and installation of sound monitors.
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    The loss of one track makes things worse for everyone, no matter what the reasons. When I was a kid, you could go to 3-4 tracks in the same weekend.
    While we did street race, and offering no excuses, it was all drag racing, and rarely on crowded streets. Whether or not the track "sucks", is a matter of opinion. I guess it all depepnds on how you hook up, and what kind of pre race prep you do. The faster the car, the harder to please. Cars ran 9's and 10's back then as well, without the benefit of track prep, other than a kid sweeping the parts out of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And pure bleach for burnouts...........Wonder what thats done to our lungs????
    I know the facility is not really up to snuff, but it still needs our support.

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    I prefer to go to St. Thomas no matter how the track prep is. I find that I can make way more runs there and that's more important to me then sitting in a staging lane or having to worry about a cop sting on my way to or from the place. As far as I can see the track hasn't violated any laws and this is just BS.

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