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Thread: i just bought an XR7 !!!

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    Talking i just bought an XR7 !!!

    Hi guys, this is my first post to the forum and my first visit to this site, actually (my bro told me about it). Anyway, I just thought I'd share my excitement with all you guys about my new purchase of an '89 XR7 supercharger. Its red with gray interior and in near mint condition, 104,000 miles. I got a steal of a deal from a car lot! Only 2500 bucks. I just thought I'd let you guys know and I was wondering what kind of upgrades I should be looking at. The car runs great, I'm just affraid that something is going to break and show me why I paid so little. Anyway, after I get some pics scanned, I'll try posting some on this site.


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    Welcome to the SCCoA forums and congrats on your new purchase. It sounds like you got a heck of a deal on it!

    Spend some time reading through all of the tech and non-tech posting and you will learn a lot about these cars. There are some very smart people here and many of them know more about these cars then the professionals mechnics at the dealerships.

    After or during the time you are reading through the posts, if you have any questions, be sure to ask. Alot of the questions I had were answered for me by the time I read everything posted.

    About 80% of my SC knowledge has come from this site and the people who visit here.

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    I just wrecked my 90 XR7 the other night, into a guardrail on an overpass. Nose first. I will tell you these cars are super safe. I like to find things out the hard way. The insurance company totaled it but an adjuster was called out sice it was a show car, and was limited production. They are going to reconsider. I'll still will be putting out about 1-2K though. I got it a year and a half ago at the end of my highschool junior year. I love this car, its awesome. Its a true sleeper. I was suprised at my first carshow how many people asked questions about the car. You truly have a rare piece of Mercury history. Make sure you keep it looking perfect. You can get some info on your cars history and some performance ideas from below. They brag about the new Marauder but this is better I can't wait to get back on the road and waste the new Big Brother car. If you can Motor Trend released a whole article on the XR7 in 89 it was the 89 Car of the Year Annoncement issue try and find it if you want. There's so much I can tell you about these cars. Enjoy and keep it out of the wall.
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