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Thread: 94+ mustang hub ?

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    94+ mustang hub ?

    I got two hubs from the junkyard the other day for my hub conversion, and one of the hubs has a teethed gear on the backside, while the other one has a gear as well, but it looks different. The gear has more of a roundness to it, basically what I'm trying to say, is both of these are off a mustang, but one is a different year I'm guessin since it looks a bit different. But they look to be the same diameter and teeth count. Will I need the same hubs, or will these two work?

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    As long as both of the hubs are from a 94 - 04 Mustang, you should be fine. Ford changed the number on the front hub for the ABS-equipped cars a few times over the years, but they all interchange.

    Sounds like your donour car maybe had an aftermarket replacement hub installed at some point in it's life.

    Ed N.

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