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Thread: Red/Black Leather 1993 SC Really Nice..low miles

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    Red/Black Leather 1993 SC Really Nice..low miles

    I have a Red/Black Leather Auto SC with 72000 miles on it with a ton of add ons that will make this car a strong runner for many more miles....A lot of the car is almost like new!!!
    Exterior: 9/10 with a new paint job with the original SC Red applied in 2002...I repainted the trim and window seals last spring. Windows are tinted 35%...VERY SHARP....NO RUST as I bought the car from a retired wife in California....No rust under the car either!!!
    Interior: Very nice...I put in a new back seat...Black Leather is very nice with the only flaw being a very small tear in the drivers seat, the tear is not even open, just can barely see where the leather is scrapped....

    Loaded (Everything except turning lights)
    Black Leather
    Chromed Factory Wheels
    72,000 miles

    Things I have had done to the car:
    New head gaskets and valves(within the last 3000 miles)
    New double intercooler(switch inside car)
    All new plugs and wires with complete tune up within last 3000 miles
    New free flowing exhaust (ported manifolds)
    Ported supercharger with 10 percent pulley
    3:73 Gears
    Performance Chip
    New front end, including upper and lower arms
    Removed Air Silencer
    New Rockford Fosgate subwoofer
    Sony X-Plod CD/MP-3 player
    New Back Seat
    35 percent tinted windows
    Car Cover
    3M Thunderbird SC lettering
    New A/C components

    Fixes Before Me:
    New transmission 2002
    New Paint
    New Motor Mounts

    Car also has factory wheels that were chromed (1200 dollar option in 1993)
    I have window sticker with all receipts
    XR7 Dave did most of the mechanical work for me...Car puts out around 300HP and 270RWHP....very impressive!!!

    I am just seeing if there is any interest out there as I have not made up my mind about selling the car...This would be one to buy though as it really is in excellent shape with ALL the goodies already on it...I would be interested in selling it at around $5500 dollars...I have quite a bit more than that into it....This would be the SC to buy, that is good to go already!! Let me know if you are interested
    $5500 OBO

    My profile is on HawkeyeSC and I will send you pictures if you would like...I will put them on here soon
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    I am interested but was wandering if you could get some pictures of it on so I can really see what it looks like.

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    Please see his other post. It is sold.

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