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Thread: Congratulations to ALL new SC owners!

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    Jun 2003
    Attleboro, Ma

    I love my new car

    I just bought a red '93 Thunderbird SC as MY first car, my last car was an '87 saab that my dad gave me. I bought my SC for $2,450 with 130,000 miles, my dad thought i was retarded for buying it because there's no room under the hood to do anything, but i love the car and i'ts now mine - he wants to drive it all the time though, i will never let him. For the audio system, i've put in a Rockford Fosgate 9300 CD/MP3 player, 2-12" Rockford Fosgate Punch Z 400 watt subs and a Rockford Fosgate 300S amp. I also put in some Eurolite Xenon crystal blue headlights and GTS headlight covers. I want to get together with some SC owners around the south-eastern MA and RI area, i live in South Attleboro MA. By the way, i love the Ram-Air hoods, are they functional?
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    90 White SC with 65000 miles

    Hey everyone,
    I finally found a Super Coupe in my area that was in decent conduction. I really love this car. I previously had registered a 90 Tbird coupe. It always drove excellent but the new rid with the super charger is totally different and far superior.

    The new ride came to me totally stock. There's two items that need fixing. The A/C is out and the subwoofer distorts, so I'm looking for advise from some experienced people on those two items.

    Here's the car.. anybody know what it would retail for?

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    Question wheel Hopping

    Hello I have had a 90 35th anniversary with a 5 speed for about 2 weeks. Is there a way to stop wheel hopping or make not as bad? Any help is very appreciated.

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    The easiest solution is to put some good rubber on Find some 225/60/16 ZR...speed rated tires. Its what came on the cars from the factory. They will help but not elliminate wheel hop.
    Many SC owners wore out the original tires and opted to put cheaper rubber on...not the best idea for performance type driving.
    Also there are improved bushings for the suspension.
    If nothing else check out the bushings/IRS and rear suspension for damage & replace with the better bushings

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    I just bought a 90 SC, 64k miles on it from the original owner. Any other SC owners in the Chicagoland area?

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    Another SC new guy

    Also recently bought an SC; 1990 5 speed, titanium w/black, 145,000 miles. Runs great but- soon to get engine mounts, PS leaks repaired, tires at some point. Driver type vehicle, very stock, will update exhaust when needed. Thanks to all for tech info and enthusiam, would not have found this car without it!

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    Red 92 SC


    Super Coupes are absolutly one of the best cars you can get especialy during there time, i love my sc!

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    Ford Finatic, SC Newbie!

    Well, I just got my first one and Im as excited as gettin laid for the first time. Its a 93SC 5-speed,120k, white, blue interior(blah!) Has a blown HG but thats only details considering I only paid $500 for the car. I cant wait to get it running right.....just me and my SC.

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    hey, blue interiors are cool! just keep it clean!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Cougar
    Thanks for the welcome i just got my 90 XR-7 for free its got 114k on it but still runs strong i blew the doors off a SuperCoupe here in my town...its all stock and it actually looks like crap its got a black fender and the other ones smashed so its really a gettin the body work done in the next weeks to come then ill need a tranny(mine is slipping a little) it only had 3 Cougar rims on it when i got it and one spare which i couldnt have so i grabbed a pair of SuperCoupe rims for 100 bux so all in all thats and gas money is all i have spent on this beast
    i like your coupe i just got once myself for 1,800 its white all stock and runs good but the tranny slips a bit should i service it or just rebuild it?

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    My 1st. SC

    Hello, and thanks for the welcome. Just got my 1st. And I think it's a keeper... 92 auto, White, blue interior 70000 miles, pristine, not even a ding in her. Was traded by my bosses wife, who never had a problem with it until the head gasket went. He traded on a new 2003 "T". New hg's, sensors & brake job. Dealer had it as his driver and entered it in a local car show, took 2nd. place stock classic 87-95. This is my 5th T-bird, have had 4 1988 Turbo coupes and loved them!!! Thought I had a passenger side reflector out, (the expensive one) but it was just loose at the connector. So thanks for the site, am sure i'll get alot of info here.

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    Red face

    Hey! Thankyou for the welcome. I am a new owner of a 1992 SC and I love it to death. She was sold to me by someone who I thought I could trust, but I was prooved wrong. The car had gone through 2 previous owners who didnt take care of her and I am determined to make her all better. I have already put $4000 into repairs and I paid $2000 for her. (big drama cuz im poor) It would be too long of a list for me to say exactly what I fixed up. Anyway... I love the way she handles and I love her speed I just dont want her to die on me. If anyone knows any mechanics in the Atlanta area that specialize in SCs, please let me know.

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    everett washington


    just got my dream sc 90 red black leather 73638 origanal on 2 25 05 love it .problem with headlights blinking out but thanks to this outstanding website and the knowlege of youall i'm sure it will be taken care of in short order .whatreally conserns me is the buzz about blowing head gaskets not to good with cars but i'm not a racer i'm a DRIVER

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    new owner :)

    Hi everyone.
    Last week I test-drove this 91 black SC, and feel in love with it. During the test drive the owner said I couldn’t buy the car right away because he lost the title. The car drove great, no sounds, and the AC even worked.
    One week later he called and said I have the title. Well I went running and bought the car for $500.00 body is mint! The cover over the dashboard needs to be replaced, and have to update the alarm.
    Now the but, when I drove it home with out plates, it was making a ting sound from under it? Also when I was driving at 5mph the car stopped not the engine but the transmission. I put it in neutral raced the engine and put it in drive and off it went? Could it be that the car sat for 3 months before I test-drove it?
    A very happy sc owner

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    thanks for the welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperCoupe
    You made a good move! Best of luck if you just bought an SC, or Cougar XR-7!! Great cars.....I absolutely LOVE my Super Coupe! I had a 1985 Turbo Coupe back in 1986, it was a great car, and it started my Thunderbird love affair! They can be money pits if you choose to "do all the mods" but the satisfaction I get from my 90 is well worth the occaisional headache! Good luck all!
    hey thanks for the welcome , I have recenty purchased a 1990 sc . I had problems right away . two days after I got it the tranny blew all the seals and the overdrive servo. But it's all rebuilt now and working great. I have to admit the car grew on me real fast and I am hooked. I got a real good deal on this car. It was in a freinds brothers garage for years. It has only 66 thousand miles on it and is nearly perfect. I picked it up for $1,700.00 and after the new tranny I'm in it about $3,500.00

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