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Thread: Ohio- Dave Dalke "XR7DAVE"

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    Exclamation Ohio- Dave Dalke "XR7DAVE"

    If you frequent this board at all, you know who Dave Dalke is. Just wanted to publicly thank him for the tremendous work he did on my car. Blown head gaskets are never fun, but he charged me a VERY reasonable fee to replace them and do some other modifications. If I had to pay a Ford service station to do the headgaskets, I probably would have had to part the car and call it a day!

    If you are within 200 miles of Cleveland, OH, and need service on your SC, you can take comfort in knowing that your car will be looked after by one of the leading authorities in the country on the Thunderbird Super Coupe. Again...Thanks Dave, your work is fantastic.

    Rich Basinger
    NorthEast OH

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    If it wasnt for Dave Dalke my car would have never ran. After all the work I did on it it would not run right. He traveled 400 miles with a truck and trailer to come and get it. Had it for a while and fixed it. When I drove it back from Ohio I could not believe it was the same car. Dave is the best hands down. I would take the car back to him again for any problem that I could not work out myself. Maybe someday a Autorotor.

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    Nice Guy...

    Very cool guy. I called him with some quesitons about my car when i first bought it and he helped me out with alot of questions. Very helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable. Thanks alot Dave, and i hope for all of us Ohio SC'rs to meet up sometime after the snow melts to have a good time . Thanks again.
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    Any good mechanics that are reasonably cheap around the toledo area? My SC has just started to act crazy!

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    Thumbs up XR7DAVE Dave Dalke is awesome!

    If you are having problems with your SC/XR7, or just want to get some overdue maintenance work done, and you're within a DAY'S drive of Madison, Ohio, then Dave Dalke is the ONLY place you should take it! This man is so meticulous in his work, and really goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right the first time! Thanks Dave & Connie for a very pleasant experience & for the use of the SWB. And by the way Dave, I'm talking to Flip in Orlando about getting his '89 for my son!

    Jeff Parker
    Columbus, Ohio

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    Tbirdsc colonel

    I would have to agree, Dave just rebuild my motor and he is very very detail oriented. Super nice guy! I drove up from Cincy and would agian if I needed to.

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    He knows the SC better than almost anyone.
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    Dave has been assisting me with modifications to my car since before "SuperCoupes Unlimited" even came to be. Most recently, Dave supplied and helped me install a fully rebuilt SC motor. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to actually drive the car since the motor was installed this past Spring (May '06), but when I have it's been running great! I really wanted to get it out to the dyno and the track this season and be ready to participate in the '06 Shootout, but life got in the way, as it usually does. BTW, did I mention that Dave delivered the motor to my house in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and then stayed with me for a couple of days to get it installed and to put a base tune on the car?! ...That's just the kind of guy Dave is.

    I'm really hoping I can get one of Dave's AR kits on my car in the next year, and then I'll probably be ready to sit back and enjoy it for a good long time.

    Thanks again, Dave!



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    Thumbs up My 2nd trip to David Dalke in Madison, Ohio!!!

    This time he worked on my '94 5-spd SC.
    Head gaskets, Valve job, Rod bearings, Suspension, Motor & Transmission mounts,
    Exhaust, Shifter rebuild, BHJ balancer, Supercharger snout seal, Sunroof motor, Power antenna, Driver's door hinge, etc.
    David drove it over to the Greyhound bus terminal in Cleveland to meet
    me, and wouldn't you know it, a Freeze plug blew out right as he arrived.
    David was able to arrange a tow back to Madison, and proceeded to
    spend the rest of the day installing a new one. Unfortunately it was the
    plug behind the motor mount on the driver's side, so it was not easy to get at it.
    Thanks again David for a job well done.
    Jeff Parker

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    i just want to throw my 2 cents in as well. i was having an issue with my xcal 2, and dave helped me out down at carlisle.

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