Hello folks.

I believe this is the first formal invitation to SCCoA to participate in the HTR season but any SCCoA forum members are welcome to list for our current or future matches here in Phoenix.

This is heads up racing, not brackets. It is free other than normal track entry and we drag race at Tucson, Firebird or SpeedWorld. About the only requirements are that your vehicle must be faster than 16.0et and you must list your cars basic details, motor size etc before you race.

We have one open spot for our Jan 9th race at SpeedWorld. We will have 20 cars there competing on normal Sunday drags and you would be helping out the Ford team as they compete against a group of GM cars. You will compete in one match only, one run takes all. The team with the most points wins. Your points come from: 3 for the win, 2 for best reaction time and 1 participation.

If your car has a Performance Index number in the mid 20's we are interested in setting up this match.

If interested go here to get your PI# / score.

Go here to sign up and get a vehicle number.

Go here to learn more.

or Go here if you just want to see this all unfold.
This is a small unpromoted invitational event that is gathering attention with various web forums. Take a look at the local cars that are competing in it. Show us what you have, we are looking for some uncommon cars and I think that one car representing the SC folks would be a great addition to mix this up a bit more.

E-mail me direct or post here with any questions.

Good racing