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Thread: Good parts cars wanted must be Flodida cars deliverable!

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    Thumbs up Good parts cars wanted Must be Flodida cars deliverable!

    I'm looking to purchase cars in Florida. I will pay a fair price.I can pick them up at times for $850.00 they must have good interior good transmissions, I'm negotiable a few dollars up or down depends on the condition of the car. Radios and all interior parts must be still in cars no cut wires.
    we will pay cash or Money order. They must have clean titles. Engine must be complete on run strong. The seats in good or cleanable condition, no cracked dashes! 5 speed. or automatic upgrades are preferable I do not have the time to repair them but will cosider them as long as the rest is in real good condition. Also looking for 35th Anniversary's complete! I will pay for Used Cervini hoods that will fit the SC these are not for shipping. Also looking for 5.0 Lx's in real good running condition 1993 to 1995 low mileage no more tha 80,000 to 90,000 miles with maitanance records if possible. I will pay extra for 1994 or 95 SC or LX sport keyless entry cars most welcome! The more features the better and quicker sale. I cannot pay top dollar. Dealers only paying peanuts for our cars. We will take offers on some parts that will be needed for some repairs! parts such heads, Auto shifters,5 speed transmissions. Center consoles, cosole covers not cracked! Once I or we hear from you we will exchange phone numbers. If you send phone number I will call you.
    please email me at attention Diane as to seperate this from spinningwheels.!
    Thanks very much!
    Diane or call me Dee! This will seperate me from Victors calls.
    Happy Holidays!
    I will try to pay as much as I can posibly afford these cars are being sold at junkjards up the street for $500.00 I would rather buy them from members than a junk yard. If the cars are absolutely is very good condition I may be able to pay a little more. I/We just do not have the time to fix them or have them fixed. Somethings we can fix as long as it's not to time consuming. Thank you.
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    Thumbs up We will list your car 4 sale! or your parts! Contact us Please read below!

    Hello everyone,

    We will purchase SC's if deliverable or will post cars or parts for sale on our advertised site. We do charge a minimal fee for posting your parts. Or we will buy you parts from you at a reasonable price. We have a new program which we will explain to you if you eMail us or preferably call and leave a message and we will get back to you. Leave us a time that is convenient for you.
    This is being reactivated in a different way but close to what we wrote in the post prior to this post. We are happy to help you with your extra parts you no longer need or your SC's sale that you may want to sell. It is something new that we are doing.
    Ford SC, Chevy, Chrysler, and others cars and parts are also considered especially GM or performance parts you do not need any longer. Give us the time to reply and evaluate the parts your needing or wanting to part with. If you email us please send as many clear pictures as possible it will make it much easier to sell them for you. Or buy them from you.
    Thanks it may take us a couple of days to reply and then maybe not.
    We do try to answer everything as fast as we can. This is a good service we get people from all over looking at our site daily. Parts must be in functional good and clean working condition.

    Thanks you we can work things out in trade in some cases. For new parts or other parts you might need and parts we may need for others who do not know or have ever heard of SCCoA.
    Will Buy sell or trade. Just contact us with good pictures attached. Any type of Vehicle. Or any other type of parts other than SC also needed. We can't pay you in gold but we can pay you as fairly as possible try it and see...
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